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This hui was held in Christchurch on 1st December 2022 to present the latest research findings from the project team. Videos and presentations from the day are below.  the recent


Summary of the research project:

Life course impact of chronic health conditions
Investigating the impact of chronic disease on families and whānau at different life stages

There is a lot of research evidence about the impact of chronic conditions, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and mental health disorders, on individuals in middle and later life.  However, the indirect effects on the whānau of those with chronic conditions have been less well-studied, and these are likely to have impacts across the entire life-course.

This project aims to understand how living with a person who has a chronic condition affects their whānau – children, partners, carers, elders, and household members. It will specifically investigate what helps some New Zealand communities to thrive despite high rates of chronic conditions.

This research is intended to inform health policymakers about the broader benefits of chronic disease prevention and ways of improving the lives of whānau who live with people with chronic conditions.  It will also develop novel kaupapa Māori resources to enhance future life-course research.

A Better Start, Healthier Lives, and Ageing Well National Science Challenges



Speaker Presentations

VIEW PRESENTATION Life Course Hui Introduction. Barry Milne

VIEW PRESENTATION Intergenerational, Integrative & Intellectual Properties for Life (IpforLIfe). Ofa Dewes,  Barry Milne,   Andrew Sporle.

VIEW PRESENTATION Impact of Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury on Partners’ Economic Outcomes. Martin O’Flaherty, Yanshu Huang, Nick Bowden, Lisa Underwood, Janeen Baxter, Jack Lam, Barry Milne.

VIEW PRESENTATION Impact of Long-term Health Conditions Across the Life Course.  Andrew Sporle, Janeen Baxter, Martin O’Flaherty, Hamish Jamieson, Gareth Treharne, Andrea Teng, Aroaro Tamati, Nick Bowden, Ulrich Bergler, Lukas Marek, Mihi Ratima, Will Edwards, Tahu Kukutai.  

VIEW PRESENTATION Elders Componenent Lifecourse Study Barry Milne, Lisa Underwood, Hamish Jamieson, Ulrich Bergler, Irihapeti Bullmore, John Pickering, Lukas, Marek, Simon Kingham.

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