New Zealand has high levels of childhood overweight and obesity, and it remains a significant public health concern. It is associated with later obesity and a range of poor health outcomes.

A group of researchers from A Better Start E Tipu e Rea has published a report on Child obesity prevalence across communities in New Zealand: 2010-2016.

The aim of this report prepared by Sheree Gibb, Nichola Shackleton, Rick Audas, Barry Taylor, Boyd Swinburn, Tong Zhu, Rachael Taylor, Jose Derraik, Wayne Cutfield, and Barry Milne, is to assess community-level differences in four-year-old obesity prevalence in New Zealand, trends over time, and the extent to which differences can be explained by ethnicity, deprivation and urbanicity.

Here are links to some of the coverage about the publication and what it means to New Zealanders:

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  • A nationwide study of our four-year-olds has revealed obesity levels have dropped across more than half of the country. READ MORE 




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