The Resilient Teens research team have recently had an article published in ScienceDirect, which describes the design and development of an mHealth app the team co-designed with Māori and Pasifika youth. The app – Quest – Te Whitianga –  is designed for young people with emotional difficulties. Quest – Te Whitianga uses a wide and varied range of gamification elements across the various models in the app.

The app encourages the user to learn cognitive behavioural therapy skills via a series of activities and games. The app is set on an ocean and the user travels between islands to learn six evidence-based skills. These include a relaxation/mindfulness activity, activity planning, a gratitude journal plus problem solving and communication skills training.

In the near future the Resilient Teens team will be testing the app via a randomised-controlled trial. Read the article: Gaming CBT to deliver emotional health treatment to young people on smartphones.

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