What impact are Covid-19 lockdowns – and increased screen time – having on children’s learning?

In this very popular webinar, top education researchers, the principal investigator on New Zealand’s biggest longitudinal study, and a whānau language coach reveal the latest research on lockdowns and learning, and in particular what the effects of increased screen time are having on them.

A Better Start National Science Challenge deputy director Professor Gail Gillon is joined by three key speakers:

  • Professor Brigid McNeill, A Better Start’s Successful Learning theme leader, who discusses data from student interviews (10-12 years old) about last year’s lockdown, and the theme that arose: how much children loved more screen time for entertainment, but not for learning
  • Professor Susan Morton, Foundation Director of Growing Up in New Zealand, who looks at young children’s time on digital devices and the potential impact on their learning
  • Tampy Bernard, Talking Matters Community Activator, who discusses working positively with families (with a focus on Pasifika families) to support young children’s oral language, and impacts on children’s early learning

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