Autism and the criminal justice system
Bowden, N., Milne, B., Audas, R., Clasby, B., Dacombe, J., Forster, W., Kokaua, J., Gibb, S., Hughes, N., MacCormick, C., Smiler, K., Taylor, B., Mirfin-Veitch, B. (2022). Criminal justice system interactions among young adults with and without autism: A national birth cohort study in New Zealand. Read paper

Prenatal determinants of depressive symptoms in childhood
Theunissen, G., D’Souza, S., Peterson, ER., Walker, C., Morton, S., Waldie, KE. (2022). Prenatal determinants of depressive symptoms in childhood: Evidence from Growing Up in New Zealand. Read paper

Outcomes of obesity prevention interventions
Brown, V., Moodie, M., Sultana, M., Hunter, KE., Byrne, R., Zarnowiecki, D., Seidler, AL., Golley, R., Taylor, RW., Hesketh, KD., Matvienko-Sikar, K. (2022) A scoping review of outcomes commonly reported in obesity prevention interventions aiming to improve obesity-related health behaviors in children to age 5 years. Read paper

Healthy food environment policies
Mackay, S., Gerritsen, S., Sing, F., Vandevijvere, S., Swinburn, B. (2022). Implementing healthy food environment policies in New Zealand: nine years of inaction. Read paper

Home-based monitoring of adolescent eating
Idris, G., Smith, C., Galland, B., Taylor, R., Robertson, CJ., Farella, M. (2022). Home-based monitoring of eating in adolescents: A pilot study. Read paper

Antenatal maternal diet and infant temperament
Schoeps, A., Gontijo de Castro, T., Peterson, ER., Wall, C., D’Souza, S., Waldie, KE., Morton, S. (2022) Associations between antenatal maternal diet and other health aspects with infant temperament in a large multiethnic cohort study: a path analysis approach.Read paper


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