The team at Nourishing Hawkes Bay have been working on reviewing and identifying gaps in the current Aotearoa New Zealand guidelines on healthy eating and activity for children. As part of that they invited some Year 12 students to participate in a 5-day, live in retreat at a marae. The NHB team have shared highlights from the wonderful time with the rangatahi, that have generously given their time to this valuable work.

We are thrilled to share the incredible highlights of our week-long Rangatahi Guidelines Health and Wellbeing Noho. This transformative event brought together a group of vibrant and passionate rangatahi for an immersive experience focused on health, wellbeing, and personal growth.

Throughout the Noho, our rangatahi engaged in a wide range of activities, workshops, and discussions. They delved into nutrition guidelines, exploring both New Zealand and international perspectives, and gaining valuable insights into the importance of balanced and nourishing eating habits. Physical activity sessions, including an exhilarating team bike challenge, not only fostered a sense of adventure but also instilled the importance of staying active and embracing new challenges. But it wasn’t just about learning new skills; it was also about building confidence and self-expression. Our rangatahi had the opportunity to showcase their growth by delivering presentations, gaining valuable experience in public speaking and communication. The Noho provided a supportive environment for them to overcome their fears, find their voices, and embrace their unique abilities.

Our rangatahi went on a special trip to Te Mata Peak, where they viewed the Matariki stars and listened to captivating stories that deepened their connection to Mātauranga (Māori knowledge and wisdom). The main highlight of the Noho was the development of our Tihei Mauri Ora Rangatahi Healthy Eating and Wellbeing Guidelines. With creativity and passion, our rangatahi crafted 20 powerful messages that promote holistic wellbeing. These guidelines serve as a roadmap to a healthier lifestyle for rangatahi, emphasising the importance of nourishing food choices, physical activity, mental wellbeing, and more.

We are inspired by the incredible personal growth, meaningful connections, and memorable experiences that our rangatahi have gained. Their enthusiasm, dedication, and willingness to embrace new challenges have been truly remarkable.

As we conclude the Rangatahi Guidelines Health and Wellbeing Noho, we’re excited about the next steps of this project. Our rangatahi will be testing the messages with their peers, gathering valuable feedback to strengthen them. Following this, they will reconvene on the marae for a three-day session to further refine the messages and develop a comprehensive dissemination plan. Our aim is to ensure these guidelines reach all rangatahi in the Hawke’s Bay region and potentially nationwide, inspiring positive change in their lives.

We would like to express our gratitude to A Better Start – National Science Challenges, and Auckland University. Their support and partnership have been instrumental in making this project possible. We are also grateful for all those who supported and contributed to the success of the Rangatahi Guidelines Health and Wellbeing Noho. Together, we have created an environment where our rangatahi could thrive, learn, and form lifelong connections.


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