Thursday 2 November 7.30pm | Spotlight on Autism Research:

  • Long-term benefits for young Autistic people who receive funding support in health and education.
  • Cutting-edge research: gut microbiome transfers to relieve gut issues for Autistic people, a world first here in trial Auckland! For many people who are Autistic they experience often debilitating gut pain and other distressing gut issues. Researchers are hoping to ease this using gut microbiome transfer technology in a new study.

Join us for this comprehensive talk, the first in a series of our new, Spotlight on Autism Research webinar series. Email with any questions. The talk will be just 1 hour including a chance to ask questions.

Learn about the speakers (pictured Dr Nick Bowden), their backgrounds, and about what you will learn in this free talk, by clicking here.


Thursday 2 November 7.30pm | Webinar ID 938 5840 0025


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