NZ literacy rate in spotlight as principal calls out ‘malpractice’ | Paddy Gower Has Issues

The first episode in TV Three’s new show “Paddy Gower Has Issues” featured our very own a Better Start Literacy Approach. Interviewed on the show was Professor Brigid McNeill and Senior Research Fellow Michael Johnston 

“I’ve seen the changes that it makes, that’s what I would want for my young people.” Jan Tinetti, Minister of Education talked to Journalist Patrick Gower about what she would like taught in schools nationally regarding reading early learning and her preference for the “Better Start Literacy Approach” after seeing the evidence and seeing it taught in Aotearoa New Zealand schools.

The A Better Start Literacy Approach was developed by our lead researchers within the Better Start National Science Challenge by Professors Gail Gillon and Brigid McNeill and is being widely praised with questions being raised as to why the approach isn’t being used in every school.

The Ministry of Education is funding Professors Gillon, McNeill and their team to deliver professional development and learning to new entrant year 1 and year 2 teachers, as well as for literacy specialists. The approach is currently being implemented in over 800 primary schools in all regions across New Zealand.

Check out the episode Paddy Has Issues – NZ Literacy rate in the spotlight as principal calls out ‘malpractice’ | Paddy Gower Has Issues

Free Webinar: The Better Start Literacy Approach- A National Success Story Unfolding

Date: Tuesday May 30th 3.30 pm

Click here to register for the webinar to learn more about the Better Start Literacy Approach and the outstanding results the Minister mentions in the interview with Paddy.

Join Professor Gail Gillon and Professor Brigid McNeill from the University of Canterbury and the
Better Start National Science Challenge to hear about their latest data highlighting the success of the
Better Start Literacy Approach.

Data from over 16,000 5-year-old children who have been receiving the Better Start Literacy
Approach across all regions in New Zealand will be shared. The data suggest when junior class
teachers and literacy specialists are well supported through quality professional learning and
development they are rapidly developing children’s foundational skills in areas critical for reading, writing and oral language success.

The data highlight how the Better Start Literacy Approach is working for children from diverse
backgrounds and across socio-economic groupings. Māori and Pasifika tamariki as well as children who are English Language Learners are showing a strong response to Better Start Literacy Approach teaching.

Co-hosts for the webinar Jen Smith (Ngāti Whātua, Ngāpuhi) UC Senior Lecturer in Māori Education
and Dr Susie Stevens (UC Senior Lecturer, Child Well-being Research Institute and School of Teacher
Education) will interview Prof Gillon and Prof McNeill. The interview style will ensure the data can
be shared with a wide audience. Teachers, researchers, whānau, community leaders and all those
interested in uplifting children’s early literacy achievement will enjoy this webinar.
Dallas Wichman (Principal St Anne’s School, Christchurch) will comment on the data from his
leadership perspective.

Mark Tulia (MoE Pasifika programme co-ordinator, Advisor to Science Challenge Pasifika research
engagement) will also provide commentary on the data.

Questions can be posed during the webinar and leaders within our Better Start Literacy Approach
Team including Dr Amy Scott, Dr Megan Gath, and Dr Andy Vosslamber will all be poised to help
answer your questions.

Click here to register: limited to 1000 registrations.
Date: Tuesday May 30th
75minute Webinar: 3.30 to 4.45pm

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